Nutritional Supplementation Trend
The increasing trend to self responsibility regarding one’s own healthcare
and the severe restrictions of healthcare benefits in the public health
systems are the reasons why many consumers resort to nutritional supplements and over-the-counter medications. All products coming
from natural sources enjoy great consumer trust. It is our mission as
a manufacturer to respond to this confidence with naturally pure and innovative premium products. Our nutritional supplement lines aloefit
and morindafit are optimally aligned with those consumer demands and stimulate the consumer’s action to purchase due to being certified
organic and also due to the highclass presentation of the brand.

Natural Cosmetic Trend
The sector of skin care is also experiencing a positive trend towards natural products. The increasing popularity in the regular press inspire more and more consumers to resort to natural skin care products.
Our natural cosmetic line aloecare is made exclusively from high quality raw materials, which comply with the BDIH regulations for certified natural cos-
metics, thereby meeting the current consumer demands.
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> aloecare Aloe Vera 24h Cream
> aloecare Aloe Vera Spray

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